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The theme of this year’s Women Make Waves Film Festival is “Women Move On No Border, No Nation”.  Through the visual and aesthetic perspectives, we scrutinize the theme of Diaspora due to migration, drifting and exile.  The concept of Diaspora has been discussed rapidly in Europe and North America. It had also become an important perspective in feminism in the recent years.


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For this year’s opening film, WMWFF has notably invited the masterpiece “Daughters of the Dust”, a film by the renowned African American director Julie Dash.  When the film was premiered in the United States, it was widely received.  The film was also the first feature film directed by an African American woman to be officially premiered in cinemas.  Furthermore, the film is also archived in the American Library of Congress as an important cultural asset and was acknowledged by The Newark Film Festival as the Film of the Century.


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The domestic opening film is “Wave Breaker”, produced by Public Television Station, a new film by the upcoming director Zero Chou.  The actors performed brilliantly with astounding chemistry.  Recent films by Zero Chou include: “Splendid Float”, “Spider Lilies” and “Drifting Flowers”, all were acknowledged internationally; “Splendid Float” won The Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year in the Golden Horse Awards; “Spider Lilies” won the Teddy Bear Award for Best Gay/Lesbian Film at the Berlin Film Festival in 2007, it was also the first Taiwan film to win the award. “Drifting Flowers” also created a sold out box office during the premiere at the Berlin Film Festival.  Therefore, the premiere of Zero Chou’s new film “Wave Breaker” in WMWFF should be quite promising.


The box office of this year’s WMWFF is doing pretty well. The ticket vouchers were almost sold out on the first day when the tickets were on sale.  In addition, to reflect on the influences caused by the H1N1 virus, the festival has taken extra precaution to the maintenance and the safety of the environment in hoping that film lovers can have a joyful and safe viewing experience.  In this year’s official festival blog, there is an unprecedented accomplishment - The trailers of all 57 films in this year’s festival are uploaded on the Internet.  With a simple click, fans can select films and purchase tickets in the comfort of their own home.


Festival Dates  October 16th to 25th

Festival Venue Shin Kong Cineplex, Taipei City

Ticket Info.  2009 Women Make Waves Film Festival tickets on sale from September 9th.  6 ticket-vouchers for NTD900; 10 ticket-vouchers for only NTD1200, limited offer until all sold out.

To book tickets, please visit http://www.artsticket.com.tw/

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