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The First Winner of NWAFF AWARD

Network of Asian Women’s Film Festival NAWFF

Network of Asian Womens Film Festivals(NAWFF) launched in April,2010.It aims at promoting interactivities among  Asian female film professionals and Womens Film Festivals,supporting Asian Womens Film production and distribution,establishing a database of Asian womens cinema,supporting cultural  movements for Asian women,and discovering and developing issues relating to womens cinema.N AWFF AWARO AWARD is given to one film directed by Asian women director with a new insight on Asian women of the year A Brand New Life is the first winner of  NAWFF AWARD.


FranceSouth Korea2009Fiction35mm104min


10.15 (Fri) 17:40

10.17 (Sun) 11:45


Young Jin-hee is taken to a Catholic orphanage near Seoul by her father. She refuses to believe the fact that she is abandoned and her father will never return. Failing to run away and commit suicide, she finally accepts a French couple’s adoption for a better life abroad. The film is partly based on the director’s personal experience.

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