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目前分類:Stay Tuned, Stay Young (4)

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Yelling to the Sky
Yelling to the Sky 
Victoria MAHONEY 2011 |USA |Fiction | Color | 35mm | 94min

As her family falls apart, Seventeen year old Sweetness O'Hara's unstable home life becomes
unbearable when she is chosen to be the latest target of brutal high school bullies. Sweetness comes
from a mixed race home and doesn't fit in with either the black or white kids. She must learn the right
way to defend herself and take her life into her own hands at home and school in a neighborhood where
her survival feels uncertain.

Yelling to the Sky Trailer:

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[Stay Tuned, Stay Young] Short Films Collection
Screening Date & Time:
10/18 (Tue.) 11:40
10/21 (Fri.)   16:20 ★ (Filmmaker's Attendance)
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Doll Factory  
Dolls Factory 
Ainhoa MENÉNDEZ 2010 |Spain |Fiction | Color | DigiBeta | 11min

Anna works in a doll factory. Her whole life she revolves around
performing mechanical motions to put the dolls eyes. But a
small change at her work changed her life forever.

Dolls Factory Trailer:


Sejung JANG 2011 |South Korea |Fiction & Mockumentary | Color | HDCam | 22min
Untold truths about a girl who killed herself in 2001. Finally, a
man who had witnessed it all decides to come forward.



Maria BOCK 2011 |Norway |Fiction | Color | DigiBeta | 12min

A vital musical film about being who you are and loving who
ever you want. A story about a young man's quest for love and
acceptance, all in a lively musical film about being yourself
and loving whoever you want. This is a film about forbidden
and boundless love and the risk of losing everything when your
choice is head on with the morally accepted.


Torsha BANERJEE 2011 |India |Fiction | Color | DigiBeta | 11min

Beauty is a 16 year old, prostitute's daughter, surviving in a
brothel, still untouched, unspoilt. Her realm is confined in a
raggedy damp bathroom as her mother occupies the bedroom
for her business. Lead by a pimp, one day a 19 year old
inexperienced boy turns up to her mother. Persuaded by the
pimp she sends him to her daughter, Beauty. In the deciding
night of their lives, the two novices meet in the clogged diffusion
of the bathroom and…nothing happens.

Beauty Trailer:


100% Yssam  
100% Yssam 
Isabelle MAYOR 2011 |France |Fiction | Color | DigiBeta | 14min

Semira, a 15 years old teenager, believes as her friends that
being a virgin is uncool. When she falls for Yssam she tries to fix
it. A portrait of a mix neighborhood in Paris, between realism
and poetry.


20 dollars  
Twenty Dollars 
See Chit LAM 2011 |Hong Kong |Fiction | Color | HDCam | 15min

In the fresh fruit market in Hong Kong, fruits are mixed with
prostitution, gambling, drug addiction and gangs. Innocence is
sold at $20.


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[Stay Tuned, Stay Young] Fantasy in Animation
Screening Date & Time:
10/14 (Fri.)   22:30
10/16 (Sun.) 18:30 ★ (Filmmaker's Attendance)
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Red River  
Red River, Song Hong 
Stephanie LANSAQUE & Francois LEROY 2012 |France |Animation | Color | DigiBeta | 15min

Vietnam. The early hours in Hanoi of three young brothers newly
arrived from their native village. Around the Long Bien Bridge,
linking between city and countryside, they cross the path of a
young cop and a street vendor.


Frederique ORTEGA 2011 |France |Animation | Color | DigiBeta | 11min

A young boy and his parents walk around in a carnival. The
mother encourages her son to have a go on a ghost train, alone.
Apprehensively, the child accepts. Across the tunnel, he will find
himself in a real train where he will be confronted to himself
and grow up.


Pumpkins and Old Lace 
Juliette LOUBIÈRES 2010 |France & Canada |Animation | Color | DigiBeta | 9min

A photographer comes to a retirement home hoping to find a
nice "grandpa face" for a billboard poster. His visit will be full
of surprises: brambles, giant pumpkin, snow and other weird
events invading the house.


Pele and Superdad  
Superdad and Pele
Annette Saugestad HELLAND 2011 |Norway |Animation | Color | DigiBeta | 10min

Pele has great fun during the weekend, but on Monday he tries
to hang on to Daddy's bike. But Daddy is very busy and has no
time to listen to Pele. Even though Pele is quite small, he is
tough enough to show that he does not like to have a stressedout
Dad. Even though he thinks dad is "Superdad"—almost.


R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement) 
Florentine GRELIER 2011 |France |Animation | Color | DigiBeta | 2min

Dreaming…on film. A very short animation subtly presents
feminine element with colors and images and vibrant rhythms.
A short film catches the audience's attention immediately.


Why Do Dinosaur Disappear  
Why Did Dinosaurs Disappear? 
Mar DELGADO & Esaú DHARMA 2011 |Spain |Experimental | B&W | HDCam | 3min

Why did dinosaurs disappear? Did aliens build the pyramids?
What is the truth about evolution? Did Christ resurrect on the
third day? The animation tells a story of how astronomy formed
and how experts discover the beginning of the world. The story
clarifies the knowledge system of the subject, and expands
people's vision to portrait more imagination on the evolution of
the universe.


Street Bus  
Michaela PAVLÁTOVÁ 2012 |France & Czech |Animation | Color | HDCam | 7min

It's the humdrum daily routine for Tram's conductress. As every
morning, men get on the tram to go to work, one after another
all similar, quiet, grey, apathetic. And yet, on that day, following
the jolts and the road's vibrations, to the rhythm of the tickets
inserted in the ticket-stamping machine, the conductress gets
turned on and the vehicle gets erotic. The tram conductress'
desire turns the reality into a surrealistic and phallic fantasy.


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Mosquita y Mari  
Mosquita Y Mari 
Aurora GUERRERO 2012 |USA |Fiction | Color | HDCam | 85min

Screening Date & Time:
10/13 (Sat.)   18:10 ★ (Filmmaker's Attendance)
10/18 (Thur.)  20:00
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Yolanda and Mari are growing up in Huntington Park, Los
Angeles and have only known loyalty to one thing: family.
Yolanda, an only child, delivers straight A's and the hope of
the American Dream while Mari, the eldest, shares economic
responsibilities with her undocumented family who scrambles
to make ends meet. As their friendship grows, a yearning to
explore their strange yet beautiful connection surfaces.

Mosquita Y Mari Trailer:

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