A Balloon for Allah  
A Balloon for Allah
Nefise Özkal LORENTZEN 2011 |Norway |Documentary | Color | DigiBeta | 58min

Screening Date & Time:
10/13 (Sat.)   20:10 ★ (Filmmaker's Attendance)
10/17 (Wed.) 18:40
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Norwegian-Turkish filmmaker Nefise decides to send a balloon letter to Allah in order to change the
role of women in the Muslim cultures. Following her grandmother's Sufi path, she goes on a quest to
find grandma's Islam. The film shuttles between her actual journey and her dreams. She experiences
the diversity of Cairo, Istanbul and Oslo by meeting Nawal El Saadawi, Gamal Al Banna and Asma Barlas.
As she strolls through this maze, the link between the three Abrahamic religions and the oppression of women becomes clear to her.

A Balloon for Allah Trailer:


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